Brake Wash

Brake Wash


BRAKEWASH  is a cold cleaning solvent of low toxicity, specially blended for the speedy and effective removal of dirt, grease, brake fluid, brake and clutch lining dust from vehicle clutches, brake drums, shoes, discs and callipers. BRAKEWASH should be used in order to avoid the breathing of asbestos dust when cleaning vehicle brakes.

BRAKEWASH is a powerful solvent which readily dissolves organic matter such as oils, greases,wax, tar, flux, etc.  However, BRAKEWASH does not attack underlying materials, such as polyethylene, steel, aluminium,zinc silicate, epoxy and polyurethane coatings, light alloys and plate finishes.

BRAKEWASH is extremely effective as a safe cleaner for electrical and mechanical units. 

Engineers welcome BRAKEWASH  as a replacement for 1.1.1. Trichloroethane, the ozone depleting substance banned by the Montreal Protocol.

Defects in electric motors cause one out of every five fires of electric origin. 

Preventive maintenance with BRAKEWASH can eliminate the defects which cause these fires.

Areas to use BRAKEWASH :-

Vehicle workshops, electric motors, air conditioners,printing presses, generators, condensers, coils, precision tools and engineering work, bottling plant machinery, escalator and elevator motors, sewage and water plant machinery.