Bio-Degradable Dispersant

Bio-Degradable Dispersant



SPRAID BLUE is a major breakthrough in pollution and oil dispersal, which has become a major ecological problem in modern day commerce and industry.

SPRAID BLUE is a specially blended, solvent free, water soluble cleaner and degreaser with bactericidal qualities.

• Readily solubilises heavy and congealed oils.

• Equally effective on fats and greases.

• Loosens soiling.

• Completely soluble in hard or soft, hot or cold water.

• Rinses easily.

• Completely biodegradable.

• 100% fireproof and safe to use on most surfaces.

SPRAID BLUE contains no harsh acids or harmful solvents and gives off no toxic fumes.

Dilute with up to 5 parts of water, depending on degree of soiling. Spray or brush on, allow to penetrate, agitating where necessary, then hose off under pressure.

SPRAID BLUE is especially effective for the removal of stubborn substances such as polymer spills, which may have hardened in sewage treatment works etc.

SPRAID BLUE will also remove waste materials which produce undesirable odour and bacteria, by solubilising and transforming such materials into harmless biodegradable solutions that are then perfectly acceptable into the normal drainage systems.

SPRAID BLUE is highly recommended for use in shopping precincts, hotels, restaurants, holiday camps, leisure centres, food industries, local authorities, educational establishments and hospitals, etc., especially with regard to the following:

LOADING BAYS AND CAR PARKS - for the removal of heavy fuel oil, engine oils, diesel fuel, together with spillages of grease, fats, etc.

REFUSE BAYS - kills odour by removing bacteria-producing spillages, firstly as a purge treatment, followed by cleaning and flushing at regular intervals.

FOOD PREPARATION AREAS, ABATTOIRS, CANTEEN FLOORS - where it is absolutely essential to remove any spilled grease and fats

BOILER HOUSE AND FUELS TANKS - for the removal of oil spillages degreaser where it can be diluted with up to 20 parts of water depending on the degree of soiling.